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Information on accommodation

Recommended dishes

  • Specialty, Sengoku Ryori

    Sengoku Sengoku Ryori full of delicacies that the warriors of the Warring States Period had eaten
    Surrounded the hearth in front of you, homemade fresh leaf miso, vegetables, meat such as Hida Beef, seasonal river fish,
    Iwamura specialty Gohei Mochi will be served
    Have a nice time with your colleagues

  • Seasonal dishes

    Wild vegetables in spring, Ayu in summer, Matsutake in autumn, Jibie in winter
    We offer seasonal items of Yamazato by cuisine

  • Hearth cuisine cuisine

    It is recommended for celebrations, legal requirements, meetings
    You can relax and have a talk while talking
  • drink

    ·Beer, (Asahi Super Dry), Sake, Shochu, Wine, Soft Drinks Various