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Information of meal only

  • Sengoku Ryori(Charcoal grilling in the hearth)

    【Period】All Year

    【Menu】Sengoku Ryori (hearth charcoal grill) for 2 people
     ·Hida Beef,Chicken meat,Park leaf miso,Vegetables,One sweetfish, two gohei Gohei Mochi, spices
       3,000 yen(tax excluded)

     ·Hida Beef,Local pork,Pickled chicken miso pickles,Park leaf miso,Vegetables,One sweetfish, two gohei Gohei Mochi, spices
       4,000 yen(tax excluded)

    ※Dinner starts from 4,000 yen (excluding tax).
  • 【Limited to Summer】Ayu cuisine and Char-grilled Hida beef

    【Period】June to September

    【Menu】A sweet sashimi, a sweet salted roe sauce, a sweet cooked sweetfish, Fried Ayu, a Ayu Zousui cake, fragrances, Hida Beef and vegetables, sweets

    【Charge】5,000 yen(tax excluded)
  • 【Limited to Summer】Ayu Gozen / Ayu cooking *Reservation required

    【Period】June to September

     ·Ayu Gozen:Ayu salt grilled, Ayu sweet roasted,small bowl,Vegetable rice,miso soup,Fragrance
       2,200 yen(tax excluded)*Lunch only(The photo is a 2,200 yen course)

     ·Ayu cooking:A sweet sashimi,A sweet salted roast,Ayutadraku,Sweet-and-dried sweetfish,Ayu Zousui,Fragrance
       3,300 yen(tax excluded)*Reservation required*
  • 【Limited to Autumn】Premium◆Matsutake mushroom dish and Hida Beef Sukiyaki *Reservation required

    【Period】Mid September to Mid November

    【Menu】Appetizer,Matsutake mushrooms,Matsutake mushroom &Hida Beef Sukiyaki(A single pot),Tempura of Matsutake,
         Matsutake Mushroom and Japanese Broth Steamed in a Hot Pot,Matsutake mushroom cha cha,Matsutake mushroom soybean rice,Matsuta mushroom extract,Sweets
     ※Grade up course, the total amount of matsutake is 1.5 times that of the basic course.

    【Charge】From 12,000 to 13,000 yen(tax excluded)
           ※It changes according to the stocking situation.