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Bath guidance

  • Ena Radium Hot Springs, "Oizu-no-yu"

    The public bath can be bathed one night, but the next morning is until 9 o'clock.
    There is no open-air bath, but you can bathe up to 8 people at the same time.

    ※Body Soap, Rinse in shampoo, Hair dryer always on hand.
    ※Please bring towels and bath towels from the room.
    Hot spring bath hours
    Check in-9 am the next morning
    Hot spring bathing category
    Male public bath: 1, Women's Public Bath: 1
    Hot spring qualities
    Ena Radium Hot Springs
    Neuralgia, Nervous breakdown, Romematis, gout, Cold illness, Before and after birth,
    Menstrual pain, gonorrhea, eczema, frostbite, skin cracks, bruises sprains