From January 11th to January 23rd, 4th year, the accommodation department will be closed due to maintenance inside the facility.
If you would like to reserve a meal, please contact us by phone.

【Official】Iwamura Sanso

Ena City State of Emergency

  • Ena City own state of emergency (Until the end of November)

    This time, Ena City has issued its own state of emergency to prevent the spread of corona infection.
    In response to this, this facility will further disinfect and thoroughly ventilate.

    At present, we will continue to operate as usual. Thank you for your cooperation.

Autumn only! We are accepting reservations for matsutake mushroom dishes! ** R3 year has ended**

  • You can make reservations for both overnight stays and day trips

    Autumn only! We are accepting reservations for matsutake mushroom dishes.

    We offer not only accommodation but also day trip meals.
    ※The leaflet on the left shows the contents of the plan

    We look forward to your reservation.

    **R3 years This season's matsutake mushroom dish has ended**

【Gifu Go To Eat Campaign】Meal tickets are available!

  • Premium rate 25%! It can be used for day meals.

    A great meal voucher that can be used for 12,500 yen for 10,000 yen!
    Only "meal tickets" can be used at this facility.
    (We do not participate in online food and beverage reservations.)
    Please check the official campaign website for details on purchasing and using the service.

    An example of a day meal at this facility
    ·Sengoku Ryori (hearth charcoal grill) 3,000 yen, 4,000 to yen(tax excluded)
    ※Advance reservation required.

【New corona infectious disease measures】About approach of this facility

  • We are working on the following infection control measures.

    As an infectious disease control and GoTo Travel Campaign participating facility, we are working on the following.
    ·Placement considering the social distance of the restaurant
    ·Alcohol disinfection installed in each guest room, front desk, restaurant, etc.
    ·Alcohol disinfection and cleaning in the facility and guest rooms
    ·Regular ventilation in restaurants and facilities
    ·Employee wearing mask,Thorough alcohol disinfection
    ·Customer temperature measurement and identity verification at check-in

    Currently, we do not accept day-trip hot springs.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Iwamura Castle Ruins Fort "Oshiro-in seal", please enjoy the fortress commemoration!

  • Iwamura Castle Ruins Fort "Oshiro Mark" is there!

    How would you like to commemorate the awning of Iwamura Jyoen, which is one of "Japan's Top 100 Castles" and "Nippon Best Three Yamajiro Japan's Top 100 Castles Nippon Best Three Yamajiro"?
    Sold at the hotel front desk.

    Selling price: 300 yen

    In addition, there is also the handling of Iwamura Castle Ruins clear file (A4 size, 300 yen per sheet).
    Please commemorate the journey!

【GoTo Travel Campaign】The official website is also eligible for discounts! You can also use regional coupons

  • Please make a reasonable reservation with the GoTo Travel Campaign.

    ※Currently suspended.Please be careful※

    ≪Reservation flow≫
    1. From the official website, make a reservation for your desired plan and accommodation date.
    2. Enter the reservation information on the coupon issuing site "STAY NAVI" and issue a coupon.
     ※Member registration is required separately.
    3. 3. Present the coupon number issued by "STAY NAVI" at check-in.
    Four. Campaign discount applied! Please settle the amount after discount.

    Both paper and electronic coupons for "Regional Common Coupons" can be used at this facility!
    (Order beverages from restaurants, order additional dishes, purchase souvenirs from shops, etc.)
    ※Paper coupons will be handed over at check-in (after 15:00).

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Inquiries by phone will be from 9 am to 8 pm