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Recommended tourist information


  • Iwamura Castle Ruins

    This is a famous castle that is counted as one of “Nippon Best Three Yamajiro's Top Japan's Top 100 Castles” and “Nippon Best Three Yamajiro” alongside Yamato (Nara Prefecture) Takatori Castle and Bichu (Okayama Prefecture) Matsuyama Castle.
    The stone wall around Honmaru is said to be “Oriental Machu Picchu”, and it is a magnificent structure that reminds you of the ruins.With a height difference of 180m, it is a fortified mountain castle that cleverly utilizes the topography. It is also known as "Kiriga Castle" because of the weather conditions that make it prone to fog.

    It takes about 20 to 30 minutes on foot from the hotel to the summit.
  • Iwamura Castle Town

    Iwamura Hondori, which prospered as a castle town of 30,000 koku for the Iwamura Clan, was designated as an "Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings" by the government in April 1998 as a townscape of merchant houses.
    NHK morning drama in the first half of 2018 "Half,blue.The heroine Suzuai (Meino Nagano) is a lively location for his childhood.

    About 10 minutes on foot from the hotel.
  • Iwamura History Museum

    At the foot of Iwamura Castle Ruins, and the lord's Palace of Iwamura Clan
    We have many historical materials related to Iwamura Castle and the Iwamura Clan, such as "Kyoho 3rd Year Iwamura Castle Map", "Meiwa 3rd Year Iwamura Castle Plan", "Issai Issai Sato Self-Praise Picture Scroll", all of which are important cultural properties of the prefecture. We are exhibiting.

    In front of the hotel,About 2 minutes on foot.
  • Iwamura town of Iwamura

    Tourist Information Center with the Ena City Tourism Association Iwamura Branch and the castle town Hot Iwamura office.
    Built in 1908 as the head office of the former Iwamura Bank, this is a valuable building made of earthen storehouses.

    About 10 minutes on foot from the hotel.
  • Most Beautiful Farming Village in Japan

    Received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize (highest prize) in the village section of the “7th Japanese Uneven Landscape Contest”.
    In a calm Iwamura basin, a rural landscape dotted with old-fashioned farmhouses and storehouses with tiles and white walls, and low-green hills and mountains bordering Mikawa and Owari in a double or triple line, You will feel "hometown."
  • Iwamura Brewery

    Founded more than 200 years, major brand Female Castllan"honor of Wena" of the purchase is, of course, wine cellar tour, Masu fun Me like tasting.There is also a trolley track that continues to the brewery in the store, which makes you feel the long history of the brewery.
    Every February, “Kura-aikiri” is held.

    About 10 minutes on foot from the hotel.
  • Castella

    We continue to follow the manufacturing method of Castela from Portugal that was introduced from Nagasaki Edo time period.
    Castella, baked carefully one by one in a pot made of hot pot, has a beautiful appearance and is moist and delicious.
    It can be purchased at “Matsuuraken Honten” and “Matsuuraken Honpo”.

    About 10 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Ena, Nakatsugawa, Toki

  • Enakyo

    Is the dam lake, which was made damming the Kiso River.
    Visitors can enjoy various natural scenery every season, and sightseeing by pleasure boat is popular.From the pleasure boat, you can enjoy the beauty of the valley of Enakyo, as well as strange rocks such as warship rocks, lion rocks and folding screen rocks.

    About 30 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Nippon Taisho Mura

    A retro theme park in Aichi-cho, Ena City. (Open air museum)
    Preserving the townscape of the old era, you can meet Taisho culture throughout the town, the village hall, the warehouse of the storehouse, and the town.

    About 20 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Naegi Castle Ruins

    Yamashiro is located in Naegi, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, and is designated as a National Historic Site.
    Built in Shiroyama (432m) towering on the right bank of the Kiso River, which flows through the city from east to west, from the top of the observatory, spread a large panorama of 360 degrees, is a symbol of Nakatsugawa Ena Mount, it is under eyes Kiso River, And you can see the cityscape.

    About 40 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Mino gold mountain castle

    A stone castle made in Kaneyama, Kani City, Gifu Prefecture.Designated as a national historic site in 2013 as a model case of the Orifo-style castle, where stone walls, tiles and building stones remain.
    Ranmaru Mori, who served as an associate of Nobunaga Oda, spent his childhood.Characteristically, there are many traces of "Hyojo" that deliberately destroy the castle and prevent it from being built again.

    About 60 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Toki Premium Outlet

    Outlet mall in Toki City.
    With over 180 stores, you can enjoy shopping all day long.

    About 55 minutes by car from the hotel.


  • Magome-juku

    Nakasendo 43rd post.Although it was Yamaguchi Village in Kiso gun, Nagano Prefecture, it was transferred to Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, following the 2005 merger of Koshi Prefecture.
    The cobblestone slopes still retain the features of the Edo time period.It is also famous as the land of related Toson Shimazaki, in the birthplace of Toson Shimazaki, there is also a Fujimura Memorial is a Magome-juku Honjin trace.

    About 45 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Tsumago Juku

    The 42nd post on Nakasendo.Located in Nagiso Town, Nagano Prefecture.
    It is the first post town in Japan to preserve the old townscape, and has been designated as an Important Preservation District for Traditional Buildings.

    About 55 minutes by car from the hotel.