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Information of meal only

  • Information of meal only

    * Sengoku Ryori (charcoal grill at the hearth) From 2 people
      ·Hida Beef, Chicken meat···3,000 yen(tax excluded)
      ·Hida Beef, Hida pork, Pickled chicken miso pickles···4000 yen (tax excluded)
     In the above, there are Moko, Miso, vegetables, Ayu 1 Tail, 2 Goryira Gohei Mochi, fragrances included

    **Dinner will be 4000 yen (excluding tax) ...
  • Salmon dish and Char-grilled Hida beef, 5000 yen (tax excluded)

    A sweet sashimi, a sweet salted roe sauce, a sweet cooked sweetfish, Fried Ayu, a Ayu Zousui cake, fragrances, Hida Beef and vegetables, sweets

        ** From June to the end of September **

  • Chopsticks chopsticks 2200 yen (tax excluded)*Lunch only / bowl dish 3300 yen (tax excluded)*Reservation required

    "Gyoen rice bowl", 2200 yen (tax excluded)*Lunch only*
    Two sweetfish grilled salt, Sweet-and-dried sweetfish, small bowl, Vegetable rice, miso soup, Fragrance
    (The picture is a course of 2200 yen)

        ** From June to the end of September **

    "Ayu cooking", 3300 yen, (tax excluded)*By appointment only*

    A sweet sashimi, A sweet salted roast, Ayutadraku, Sweet-and-dried sweetfish, Ayu Zousui, Fragrance

        ** From June to the end of September **

  • 【Premium】Matsutake dish and Hida Beef Sukiyaki,*Reservation required (This plan has ended)

    【Period, while】From 9/14 (Sat) to 11/17 (Sun)

    【Menu】Appetizer, Matsutake mushrooms, Matsutake mushroom &Hida Beef Sukiyaki (A single pot)
         Tempura of Matsutake, Matsutake Mushroom and Japanese Broth Steamed in a Hot Pot, Matsutake mushroom cha cha
         Matsutake mushroom soybean rice, Matsuta mushroom extract, Sweets

    【Charge】** Prices vary depending on the period **
        9/14 to 9/30, ¥ 12,420 (tax included)
       10/1 to 11/4, 13,500 yen(tax included)
       From 11/5 to 11/17, ¥ 12,420(tax included)